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Hi ! My name is Garuda. I come from Indonesia.

This is my first thread. I am looking for opportunity to work in UAE or other country people could recommend me. As learning is so important for me. I want to get new opportunity to work abroad so i could develop my quality and skills. I have worked for 3 years in total.

Currently, i work for my own company Garuda Live, Digital branding activation for 1.5 year. Previously, i worked at my own small business and also intern in business consulting for a year. I have graduated from School of Business Management - ITB in 2015. I could not speak arabic but i am fluent enough to use english for work.

While i am working, my business would be operated by my partner, since our business is based on projects and still up in cloud and down sometimes.

I need someone to recommend me a good opportunity whether in sales, marketing, operation, trainee, account, or business development. I believe with so many expats and people here that have good experience could guide me the best way to land a job. Please advice!

Thank you

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