Driving in Saudi Arabia on Visitor Visa.I

I worked in Saudi Arabia for 30 years and just last year returned back to my country on final exit.
Came again one month back on visitor visa.
Now my question is that my previous driving licence is still valid.
1. Can I drive a car in the Kingdom on my previous driving licence during stay as a visitor ?
2. Is there any other procedure to drive a car legally ?

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Since you have a valid driving licence in KSA, yes you can drive a car even if you are on a visitors visa.

Yes u can drive a car on visitor visa
Still try to confirm from your area maroor office

Even am looking for this answer. If you got the answer then please reply to me.

Dear frd

Please let me know the any details above the matter. My situvation also same thus will please give any documental evidance
In order get approval from designated authority

Thank you for advance

I went on final exit last year and now I came back on family visit my previous license is still valid so Is it authentic that one can drive on visit visa while having his ksa license valid

Dear what happened in your case? Are u able to drive with old license?

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