Where do I look for professional language translators?

Having troubles looking for natives to do some translation work on Financial Investment content. Anybody knows any good ones that I can contact?

Please write your need clear, what do you mean by translation the work (financial investment content)? In which language? What is the purpose? In Singapore you need to have license to sell any financial product, so please specify in details before we give you further advice.

All financial institutions have multiple language content services (official 3 major languages Chinese, Malay and Tamil other than English). So, why do you need a translator here?

In case, as I suspect, you are looking for foreigners who freelance as occasional trabslators for you on the cheap: This is not legal in Singapore for most visa types foreigners could be on - only PRs or people with an Entrepass for their own translation business qualify. Breaking this rule can have grave consequences for the freelancers AND you!
You are better advised to seek professional translators. Most embassies can give you a list of approved translators into or from their national language.

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