Looking for job

I am an Iranian and I would like to live in Cyprus permanently.
What should I do to find a job there?

My  name is Danail Emilov, and I am from Bulgaria,bulgarian citizen and I am electronics engineer ,I am looking for a job in Cyprus urgent ,please I wish to get a job in Cyprus ,I have experience to work in electronics  engineering and in a producing company and I am very hard working man so if there are any opportunity to in Cyprus kindly contact me through my
email adress: [email protected] and for my CV

Hello members,

I will suggest you to post an advert on the Cyprus Classifieds page, Category>Jobs.

Best of luck for your career.


im dinesh from galle,sri lanka.im looking for a job in cyprus,please help me

Welcome on the forum Dinesh,

May be you can tell us about your qualifications/experiences so that we can help you better!