H&M in Malta

Random question.. but does anyone know if there is a H&M in Malta? On the website I haven't seen there is one.. but I keep seeing people carrying the carrier bags?! Very confusing..

I think no! Maybe I am wrong, but searching the internet and the closest H&M to Malta is in Sicily. Fancy a day trip?!

Thankfully there is not one in Malta - my wife and daughter would be there every weekend if there was!


Aww well.. I suppose it's a good thing for my bank account. I alway end up doing all my clothes shopping on visits back to the UK or online anyway..tends to be cheaper than the shops here.
Thans for the responses though.

Nope - they won't come here as we're too small apparently! The bags will belong to people who have recently been off shopping overseas and are evidently rather chuffed about it :)

I have the same issues as Tim... It's the first store my wife looked for so I am thankful they are not here... I'd be in the poorhouse if they were.


@ Lucyskys - I did the same thing yesterday and checked out the H&M page for Malta. When I revealed my finding to my man he said sarcastically: "Awww, you poor thing..." :lol:

But there is Zara, Stradivarius and Bershka :D

so where do you go shopping? i am going to malta soon ,and i want to do some shopping as my boyfriend will be diving and i will have nothing to do in the mornings, any shops, are thy in one particular streets, like the 9th street in holland?

Is there a website of h&m that ships to malta plesse??

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