How to make friends in Croatia

I think, as everywhere :) You can try to find people who share your interests on the Internet and among them find those who live in Croatia.

Hello and a very ambitious man looking to make friends. If you love life like I do please reply.  Xoxox

Just leave a contact .. which area they living is very easy find roofs in Croatia...

Hello Helena, I think we emailed a long time ago. I am coming to Dubrovnik more and more now, and looking to settling there. Are you still there?


I want to learn croatian language :)

good luck ! you may need a good and educated guy to teach you every day.... grammar is a ***...grrrrr

Do u know who can teach me?

I would love to teach you myself! I live in Corpus Christi now but don't know where I will live in Croatia. I fancy to live by the coast since its warmer year round but the sea-view property is very expensive sooo I need much more of homework to do....  we could start teaching lessons over internet and phone, let me know.
where do you live now?

Hi, it was very nice to hear from you. I am staying in Malaysia but i will go back to my country : Viet Nam soon in Dec. And i will stay there at least 3 more years. I would like to learn croatian as soon as possible. Please find me via skype: hoacat52 . Thank in advance

is this Nilma Lahoy from philippines??

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