Any British expats working in the country and on this forum?

Would like to know from any British expats who are working in country and for a foreign non-UK company how they manage with UK tax if they return to the UK in a Tax Year.

Is there anyway I could work in Afghanistan with a foreign company, get paid in US$ (tax-free), pay the minimum UK tax (if required)and still be better off than working in the UK as a resident.

Domicile is the way to go I believe, but not too sure how.


I was working in Afghanistan for part of the tax year last year working for a company based in Switzerland and paid in US dollars, you will need to complete a P85 form to notify Inland Revenue that you are no longer a UK resident. As long as you spend less than 90 days in the UK you should have no problem working with your non tax status. I don't think I actually completed a form last time, and I just resumed PAYE tax in my new job when I returned. In my experience it is more difficult when you work for a UK based company than an overseas one, as they automatically deduct tax until the forms from HM Rev & Customs are processed and I know a lot of people who never got a refund as it can be quite difficult dealing with them from Afghanistan. Hope this helps.

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