car lease cancellation from anb

i am going on final exit. i have car leased from anb bank. i want to cancel my lease with bank. what is the procedure and how much estimated cost of cancellation.

i have leased my car for 3 years it's mazda cx9 full option leased in December 2015 with only 9700 km.

need guidance and advise. i don't want to transfer.

rucksack.frenzy :

Should you not contact the bank and ask them the same?



any update on your problem, i am facing the same problem but havent visited the bank yet.

i have honda city full.options 2015 model on 5 year lease, i have paid 20 out 60 payments.

i need to leave in a week on final exit, should i worry upon returning the car to bank ?

Would appreciate your reply in this regard.

hi guyz,

any updates ?

i read some people went on exit without transferring the car on other person name,
but some people say Final exit will not be issue if you have any owner ship in kingdom of any sort.

since market is down its really v v v hard to get any customer. even im trying to get the car transferred for free (not taking any money for the payments i made) its still impossible. i need to go on exit ASAP. im tense and stuck up. went to Abdul Lateef Jameel they are asking huge amount to cancel the contract :(

please update regarding your final exit did you get it or not ?

did you got your exit paper without transfer, please reply ?

Hi Dear.
Can you share some further details of your vehicle. Im interested in buying a car. Probably I can help in this way.

What I know is that u will have to pay full balance amount in one go to change the ownership of vehicle from bank to your name and then you can sell the vehicle to transfer the ownership. Best scenario for u is to find someone who can accept the lease transfer.

where you able to find a person to transfer the car or where u able to leave the country without returning the car to the bank.


Were you able to exit? What did you do in your car lease?

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