Blue card salary exemption

Is there any exemption for the salary threshold to get the blue card for belgium?

Can we apply blue card without meeting the minimum salary threshold?

I dont think so. The limit set is a pre-requisite for the application.


Hi Aneesh,

Because i could see so many post online that if we dont meet this salary threshold criteria then the application will be rejected. Any idea about this.

Germany has a lower threshold for expats in shortage occupation. Does this hold true for other EU countries as well? I am in particular curious about Belgium.

The conditions of obtaining Work visas have become very strict lately in Europe.

Here is the requirements I found on this page … 22637.html

1. possess a permanent, or minimum of a year-long, employment contract with a Belgian company;
2. be paid a gross annual salary of at least EUR 51,882 (2017 figures);
3. hold a recognised higher education qualification.

How is the gross annual salary calculated? Any idea?

Gross salary is your total income from your contracted employer, before compulsory taxes and insurances.

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