How should I send Anti-aging Creams home to VN from USA?


Here is a little background: I want to send some anti-aging creams back to VN for my cousin. Before you suggest me giving her money so she can buy it herself, read on! The cream is from Rodan and Fields line which is only available to be purchased in USA and Canada; so scratch the plan of her buying them in VN. Also, yes yes she can buy other brands, but that's not the point. I want to send her these.. ... Now moving along ... I am learning sending packages through the post office to VN is not kosher (who would have thought!!! I definitely take it for granted our post system here!). I also hear if I am not careful, the packages will be taxed by VN.

The package won't be more than 4-5 lbs in weight. It is not expensive but it is still pricy (roughly ~$500 USD).  I saw Golden Freight and DHL mentioned as services I can use.... thoughts? reviews? I am from TX so golden freight won't be as cheap as I would like. ... also .... before anyone suggest sending it with someone who is making the trip back to VN .... I don't know anyone that is making the trip!!!! Also, before someone suggest I should buy a plane ticket and deliver the package myself ... this option may be overpriced (but I do wish I can take off work just to deliver a package).

Anyone creative and can come up with a safe and efficient way I can send a package from Texas to Ho Chi Minh City (or for those who prefers: Saigon City)?

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