Can multiple visit visa holder of Saudi Arabia

You can ask agent, they can provide you Bahrain visa.

Bank statement is a must.  And you can try for u turn and it depends on your luck. Most times Saudi immigration don't let you do u turn without showing Bahrain visa.

Please let me know any reliable contact / agent


Hello U turn not possible, to apply evisa you need to upload your bank account statement not for your wife..
when you upload her saudi visa copy in the same file scan your saudi iqama and upload. if all the required documents are complete, you will get visa by next day.

Thanks for your reply

Application was submitted in my wife's name, 7 days via embassy option
1, Uploaded her photo and pp copy and 2. my daughter photo and pp copy
3. My iqama copy
Photos were copied from their passports, is this ok?

Need to add my bank statement, can I download and attach pdf from bank website?

What else should I upload or any changes to above details?


I already told you - hotel and air travel booking is also needed.

You can attach your bank statement but be prepared for rejection if it is not stamped.

Hi sir, 
I want to bring baby with mother.  How i apply  evisa for baby visa?  What i want to submit documents.. ?

Same as above.

Because, baby don't have bank account.

Obviously :).  You will put your statements.

Kindly be informed all brother especially my pakistanees, everybody who has family multiple exit rentry visit visa  can visit bahrain and can get visa on arrival in order to extend visit visa.
visa fees 120 SAR per passport
30 SAR Toll tax for Car
enjoy in bahrain for 7 days.

I have one Question My family Have 2 years multiple visa my six month going to finish i want to go bahrain and come back again do i need Bahrain visa for go and come back by air ??

Yes, it's expensive and  so easy to go by Air and can get visa on Arrival for you and your family, make sure you have exit re Entry.
You can go by Road and can get visa, which is cheaper.

Dear Mohammad Ali,

Can you brief in detail ..what procedure u followed..

I gather did apply for exit re entry for your self and did not apply for any visa for family members to Bahrain before visiting Causeway since you said got it on arrival for family members too(who are on visit visa in KSA)..

..Did u get lucky they allowed you or did u observe others as well following same procedure..

Kindly share ur experience.. as my family visit visa is also expiring in a month.


for indian and pakistanees nationalities no problem at all, sometimes due to lower profession it could reject, other than that so easy process

Missed this earlier.

Please note that this is absolutely incorrect.

First of all, it really depends on your luck as in most cases, Saudi immigration will NOT let you exit without a Bahrain visa if you are on a multiple entry exit visa.   Read the experience of this member on the 7th of Feb and he is a Pakistan national.

Secondly, there are some facts that you need to be aware of:

1) This practice of granting visa on arrival to multiple entry visit visa holders used to exist years ago but was stopped long time back.  However, from time to time, on special occasions or situations as in point 2 below, they do issue
2) On the causeway, there is huge pressure on the authorities because of crowding (and resulting stories in the newspapers) and both Governments have instituted measures.  So nowadays, on most days, at peak hours, Bahrain does NOT enter passport data.  Literally, you drive up, show them passports and they wave you through.  They enter it on the way back

On the 5th of February, two people from our company, one Pakistani and one Indian were turned back from the causeway (they went at off peak time when causeway was empty).  One from Saudi immigration and one from Bahrain immigration.  The really interesting fact is that on the 6th of February at around 7 pm they were able to enter Bahrain.  What happened?  I was there at the same time crossing into Bahrain and the causeway was extremely busy on the Saudi side.  They were processing people quickly to reduce the traffic and didn't bother checking for Bahrain visas in any detail.  On the Bahrain side, as I mentioned in point 2, the immigration just waved everyone through without checking or entering passport.   On the way back, they had to pay the visa fee and the officer told them that they are not eligible for visa on arrival in normal course except when there is an event in Bahrain or during national holidays or as per the situation of rush hour above.

So having said that, this basically means that it is ALL a factor of your luck - NOTHING has changed in the rules.  At one time, you might be able to get through as the above poster has mentioned but at others, you won't (as stated in the thread).   It is incorrect to assume that it has changed for everyone and will work all the time.

Please can u tell ne the procedure in full details

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