Can multiple visit visa holder of Saudi Arabia

Read this thread fully as well as others on the forum.  Your question has already been answered dozens of time by myself and others.

Apply Bahrain evisa and travel..

Sorry..i have confused on previous many answers. thats why asking again here.

only one thing want to know.
I have Saudi Multiple entry commercial business visa with 10 months validity. I have UAE valid resident visa also in my passport. But first time entry to bahrain. I am planning to go Bahrain by car from Saudi and again comeback to Saudi. is it possible through causeway. for coming back to Saudi, no issues. but entry to bahrain through causeway possible or not ?

You will enter on the basis of the UAE resident permit.  Your Saudi visa must say OPEN in mode of travel.

Noted, Thanks a lot.

Hi friends,
I have bring family 2 years multiple entry visit visa and complete 6 months another few days. My family visa visa travel mode is open. I have plan to go Saudi exit passport boarder and take u turn come back by cause way. I have taken exit and re entry from my company. Kindly advise what are the documents required for my family for exit and if available any taxi person phone number for khobar please let me know.
Your kind support is highly appreciated.

You posted on the Bahrain forums for a Saudi matter.  Your question has been answered many times by me on the Saudi forums.

Only their passports are needed.  But remember, there is a chance that Saudi immigration may NOT let your family exit, even if to do a u-turn, if they don't have a Bahrain visa.  It is entirely up to the mood of the guy at the counter.

you just need their passports and try your luck, they might allow you to make U Turn, if you succeed, please share your experience for others as well.


Is it compulsory to show return air ticket while applying for bahrain evisa (for shortest time period, as the main purpose is just to do exit and entry on indian passport which has saudi multiple entry visit visa)?

If showing the return ticket confirmation is mandatory at the time of applying evisa, what if the visa approval is delayed (and the air tickets expire)? And what if we want to go by causeway only, in that case we need to cancel the tickets and wait for refund? Coz the airlines will cut huge amount as penalty for cancellation.

Is it possible to show dummy tickets just for visa approval?

Appreciate ur kind reply regarding this matter. I hope it will help others also who have the same issue.

Yes it is mandatory to show air ticket for evisa.  Get a dummy booking.  It is an un-sponsored visa so return ticket, proof of stay and financial proof are mandatory.

If you don't want to do the air ticket route then have someone apply for a sponsored visa for you i.e. hotel, agent, tour operator etc.  In those cases, no air booking needs to be shown.

Thanks a lot for ur reply.

Hello, have you traveled to King Fahad Causeway to extend visit visa, hows your experience.

Sorry to ask you what do you mean for an OPEN visa in KSA
On my family multiple exit reentry visa, its mentioned in Arabic
النقل المفتوح

its ok

XTang :

You will enter on the basis of the UAE resident permit.  Your Saudi visa must say OPEN in mode of travel.

Sorry to ask you what do you mean for an OPEN visa in KSA
On my family multiple exit reentry visa, its mentioned in Arabic
النقل المفتوح

النقل مفتوح means "Open"
Mode of Transport "Open" that is you can travel by road also.

Sorry to ask you what do you mean for an OPEN visa in KSA
On my family multiple exit reentry visa, its mentioned in Arabic
can I go to Bahrain if I have Evisa through King Fahad Causeway
النقل المفتوح

Yes, if ur family has multiple entry visit visa and its "open" (mode of tramsport) then u can go by causeway by road if u have evisa.

what need to mention and purpose of ur visit can u tell me. and website too.( YA ( … medium=cpc) soo can u help me
purpose of visit TOURISM

How are you?

I have 180 days multiple visa and have to leave KSA in every 30 days. I had enter KSA on 4 May and leave KSA on 3 June to India ad I come back after 8 days then again I had to leave KSA after 30 days this time I choose King Fahd Causeway through SAPTCO Bus . When I reach there Saudi Person ask me about visa I showed him my multiple visa but they stamp exit ad after that when I reach Bahrain Passport  for checking he said to me on this visa you could not visit Bahrain and told me to return to KSA as I was come through bus so I had to wait for bus then he give me my passport and again I have come to Saudi person for entry in KSA he angry on me without visa how you traveled from causeway but he stamp for exit and my sponsor said to me no problem you  get a exit for staying 30 days more. Now, again I have to leave KSA on 6 August my HR apply for visit for Bahrain but ministry of interior, Bahrain rejected my application and said to my HR if you want to go through causeway you have to take visa from Bahrain-Fahd causeway. right now I dot understand what to do last time they stop me this time may e they can take action against me I am afraid of this, can you give me the solution what I have to do?

Hi Everyone,
This site is very usefull, I brough my parents for 2 years multiple visit visa and my first 180 days will be up on 22nd of August. Theier Visa clearly says (OPEN). So Has anyone recently went to Cause way and took Uturn to extend visit visa of thier either family or Parents.
1: How do I provide Bank statement for my parents for the VISA as it is required for GCC visitor's visa
2: Can I enter bahrain via Causewayif I have bahrain visit Evisa .
3:If I want to go Bahrain and comeback withoutentering Bahrain. then which airline will allow me to board with my parents. since i do not have bahrain visit visa.

Hello have you extended your family visit visa via causeway ?

you need to prepare following documents for your Parents Bahrain evisa.
1. Scan parents passport three pages (first page + last page if Indian + saudi visit visa page + your iqama) in one file.
2. you can submit your Bank Statment
3. Need a dummy ticket along with you
4. Hotel Booking, you can use
5. Visa fees 9 BD need to pay by Credit Card.

if the above documents are available, you will get a visa easily.   

Best of Luck..

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