Hello! I want to move in Berlin

Hy, i am Alexandra, i have 27 years, and i really want to move in Berlin. I speak English, French and German a little bit.
I need a job, so, can you please help me with some suggestion?
I would like to know if you was in my situation adn what solluntions did you find.

Thank you very much!

Hello and welcome Alexandra,

For the majority of jobs in Germany, you need to be proficient in German language.  My suggestion would be to take some language courses to improve as much as possible.

You didn't mention what domain you hope to work in, however you can browse the JOBS section and post your CV there, you might have luck.

Expat.com Experts Team

Hello, thank you for your advice, Now i study German, at level A1m and i hope soon i would be able to talk very good. About domain, i think i'll be good as a receptionist in a hotel/hostel/ i know a lot of thinks about Social Media, in Romania, now, i work in  PR agency. I am flexible, for now. i studies Journalism and  i have experience in communication. And i think its a a good idea to post my Cv here, i will do that. Thank you so much for your advice.

Hi When you get a job I can recommend a good moving company that will help you with transfering your belongings to Berlin - [link moderated] - good luck!

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