Rent room, they cheat me

I'm David, i rent a small room in Desa Green, Taman Desa, KL.
I transfer money rental monthly + deposit to agent company via bank account.
Now the owner of unit come and they said agent company dont give money to them.
Now other ppls rent this unit. I must rent this room from them.
I try to contact to agent company, she said she resign, she said she give money to company, i contact to company but they said she collect money from many ppls and she go away.
Now what should i do?
Pls help me , tks u so much.

The agent firm has responsibility to you and if their staff resign they should be responsible for the actions of their staff. You can tell them that you will report their company to the Property Agents Association if they do not reimburse you and sort out the problem.

Tks u so much!

Yes please make a police report first and foremost for cheating. Secondly, take a copy of your police report and send it to the Real Estate Agents Association for action to be taken against both the agent and the agency involved.

Hi, more important is bank in slip proof
And if u have conversation to them via whatsapp then do police report to the company also

Do you have rental contract too? bring that together with monthly rental deposit slips when you make police report against the real estate agency. Bring as much proof as possible so the police can help you in this case. Best of luck!


Same thing happened with me also in July 2017. I reported to police and went to court also to do small claim but untill now no luck, police asked me to hire one lawyer. But lawyer asks for money to take the case, now i am stuck what to do . bcz police dont take action in this case. my whtsapp no ***u can text me if u want to discus. May be we can give this case to a lawyer



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