Need a lawyer in La Paz


I am looking for a criminal lawyer (abogado penalista), one who knows about penal law, in La Paz. I do need a recommendation due to the number of crooks there are out there. He DOES NOT have to speak English.

Please recommend one if you know one.

Thank you.

You mean you need an apt an honest lawyer. I need the same in SCZ. My experience is that such  a thing doesn't exist. The lawyers are essentially crooks and work against their client if they receive a bribe from the other  side.  Judges are gangsters as well. They can keep the sentence according to the law as long as they see fit. To make them move the thing you need to lubricate the wheels of justice.
The grease comes to them via lawyers. If you have a criminal (penal) case the state fiscales come to play. They will threaten you with the possible consequences in order to extract benefits from you. If you oblige then comes the court and the judge who wants it as well. Better skip the fiscal and make a deal (through a lawyer) with a judge. Fiscal is counting that if he presents the case in your favor it will never reach the court room. If he is by-passed he will be furious and try all sorts of tricks. It is possible but you a running the risk to pay twice.
Good luck!

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