DP for child

I am holding an EP while my husband is holding an S pass. We have plans for baby this year. Would like to find out if I can apply for DP for my child if our combine salary is more than SGD 5000 (since my salary is lower than SGD 5000). Thanks

Below link is the eligibility to apply DP:

http://www.mom.gov.sg/passes-and-permit … ligibility

It says an EP or S pass holder must be earning $5k fixed salary (Gross before tax), so combine salary with spouse will not be considered, I recon. Good luck.

I can confirm that they will NOT consider combined salary. The applicant for DP (i.e. the person to whose EP the DP will be tied to) has to earn above the threshold.

Does the sgd5k includes the CPF credited to me by my employer? Or basic salary only?

Basic salary only, as per work contract.
They will not count any CPF, bonus, allowance, etc.

:( is there any other option?

They are more flexible if you or your husband are Singapore citizens or PR. Can you apply for these first?

Ic. But i just started work here on 1st feb. i wanted to apply this year minimum need to stay here for 2 years right??

After 6 months staying in SG, you can apply but looking at your salary and current selection process, its next to impossible to get a PR. but there is nothing wrong to try. If you block your date of appointment now then you may get a date after 6 months only and by that time it's already 1 year.

My suggestion is that don't plan your child now or be ready they may not allow you to stay here. I have seen a similar case where a kid didn't get DP due to this issue. Good luck.

There is virtually no chance to become PR before you complete 3 years in Singapore.
It might be easier to find a job that pays more - or to move to another country.

Thanks for the advise. Appreciate it.

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