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Hi all,

I'm priyantha-from Sri Lanka. I'm waiting for some information regarding E pass process of Singapore.

Recently i applied for the job in Singapore (The company in US and regional office in Singapore). Finally got a offer.

Is employer needs my educational certificates for the process of E pass or how is happening?.

Kindly help me pls

The employer will apply for your EP (work visa) and will request all necessary documents from you. Of course your educational certificates are part of it.

thanks beppi,

Scanned document alright?


Hi Priaynatha,

As Beppi Sir replied, yes you need to provide all scanned documents. Those can include your academic, professional documents
You do not need to courier any hard copy.


MoM will anyway chevck your credentials with your schools and previous employers during the application process, that's why it's not necessary to submit original documents (and all records are electronic in Singapore nowadays!).

thanks both (shiv,beppi) for great support.

i completed,

BA-Special degree in Geography (4 years-full time)- 2010,
MSc- GIS remote Sensing (2 years-part time)-2017,
Certificate in geology (2 years-part time),
Advanced short courses in GIS
Research publications and lots of computer certificates (graphic design, hardware)

All programs are  in Government universities in Sri Lanka. 6-7  years experienced in Sri Lanka related to subjects.

Let me know the probability for E pass?


You can do a SAT using below tool
http://www.mom.gov.sg/eservices/service … sment-tool

MoM only accepts degrees and certificates from universities and schools it recognises.
I have no idea which Sri Lankan universities are recognised and which ones not. (Maybe you can contact MoM to find out?)
If yours are not recognised, your application will be treated as if this degree/certificate does not exist.

I used MOM online tool for check the eligibility for the passes and saw that my universities are having their systems  :)

But in the online checking i was OK only for the S pass. (Just submit BA degree, not any professional documents submitted.


The system is usually correct (except in special cases that it is not designed to account for). So that means you might get an S-Pass instead of an EP - if your employer agrees to that. This might be because your salary is too low.

thanks lot beppi..

Usually salary will be around 4000 $.

on your vision, what should be the salary for the E pass in this regards?


You can check this by changing the salary in the SAT system - above a certain threshold it will probably change to "eligible for EP".
From experience, I would say with a M.Sc. and 6 years applicable work experience you should earn S$7000-8000/month.

Hi  beppi,

yes, with 7000 $, the E pass OK. but now problem with employer.

Let me know the solution pls.


The solution? Well either you accept an S-Pass, or you look for another employer that pays you nearer to your market value.

Whether you are offered 7k or 5k or 10k, in all three cases your EP application will go through same scrutiny like any other application at MoM. So, difficult to tell you whether it's ok or not. MoM can easily find out if the salary is offered genuine or not as in market many such incidents are happening where employer shows in offer letter as 3.5k but in real its paying around 2.5k.

Then, each individual has its own priority, if you think getting an international job offer in Singapore is excellent and you have to grab it, no matter how much they offer to you, then no need to think whether it's S pass or EP, but if you think the salary offered to you is way below to market standard and you have to see other employer for a better offer or thinking of negotiating the current employer to increase a little then you can do.

So, you are the person who knows your priority. Good luck.

Note: I had informed earlier in other threads that MoM consider two things on educational certificate, first it recognises the university where you did your higher education and secondly, the course you have completed there.

There are instances a certified student ( may have done various available courses) from NUS or SMU are not recognised by MoM. So, if you are offered S pass that there could be a possibility that MoM did not recognise your certificate even though university name is in its list.

Surya2k, thanks for the support.

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