Cost of living in Georgia - 2017


Before moving to Georgia, it is important to investigate the cost of living in the country.

As we did in 2015, we give you the opportunity to share your experience and tell us more about products and services average recorded prices in your town/city/area.

Don’t hesitate to let us know if the cost of living in Georgia has decreased or increased in the past few years.

Thanks to your help, would-be expatriates will have the opportunity to refine and better prepare their expatriation project.

> How much does it cost to rent an apartment/house in Georgia? 

> How much do you pay for your public transport tickets (bus, subway, train, tram)?

> Staple food: what do people eat and how much do they pay for basic food like bread, rice or pasta?

>What is your monthly grocery budget?

> How much does it cost to see a physician/doctor/specialist in Georgia ? 

> What is your children's schooling monthly budget?

> How much does it cost to fill up your car’s fuel tank?

> How much do you pay for electricity/gas/water etc.?

> How much do you pay for your Internet/phone subscription?

> How much do you pay for your lunch pack on weekdays?

> How much do you pay for an espresso coffee?

> How much do you pay for a cinema ticket?

> How much does a gym membership cost in Georgia? 

Thank you everyone!


A lot of questions for such small country

Hi Yellowagro,

Yes there are quite a lot of questions but if you want to share your experience, it will be very much appreciated. No need to reply all the questions, perhaps only those which are of interest to you.

thanks in advance,

i m trying to visit georgia

after the visit i can update the information

hopefully i will be flying tomorrow

I want to go to Georgia and im trying to start a small business or do the technichal job. Any information regarding to this would be really appreciated

Welcome to Georgia
i recently visited and found good opportunities there
Food is little bit expensive but transportation is very cheap and good and easily available
labour work force is also very cheap
for more any clarification u can whats app me xxx

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Hello, I am planing to move to Georgia with my family, I have 2 daughters, elder daughter will be in grade 11 and younger daughter in Grade 6. I already visited to Georgia last week and I people and the beauty of Georgia attract me so much that me and my family planing to move there. If anybody can give me the information of English School (not so costly) it will help me to take next steps.


Hi Mr. Atari,

I am planning to visit Georgia. Please let me know about accommodation and food cost.
I am working as accountant is it possible to get good job there.
I am working in UAE.

my email is xxxx

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Accomodation is cheap
But food seems to b little expensive as specially halal food is little bit difficult
Job is possible
But payment wise uae is better
As in georgia labour is very cheap
Cheaper than pakistan
In many cases
Restaurants sales types jobs 15 to 20 aed per day labour available

Hi ,

I have visited the place been around from Tiblis to Batumi ...we loved it we are planning to make it our second home but i am unable to get straight answers from any one .Currently we are located in Dubai ,eventually would like to open up small to test the opportunities .How much cash ?you recon would be good enough to have as a start up cost .

Look forward to your reply ..


thanks for your  reply
I am working as accountant in UAE
what you think a person who is doing office job here can find job there easily without knowing there language?

Hi everyone,

@ Irfanahmed333,
Please note that you are somewhat off-topic on this thread which revolves around "Cost of living".

You should create your own topic on the Working in Georgia category of the forum so that members can easily advise you.

All the best,

how much food cost is for per day ?

@ Irfanahmed333,

Try here : … ry=Georgia

You can change the currency and have at look at the prices of items you will be needing.

All the best,

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