Cost of living in Afghanistan - 2017


Before moving to Afghanistan, it is important to investigate the cost of living in the country.

As we did in 2015, we give you the opportunity to share your experience and tell us more about products and services average recorded prices in your town/city/area.

Don’t hesitate to let us know if the cost of living in Afghanistan has decreased or increased in the past few years.

Thanks to your help, would-be expatriates will have the opportunity to refine and better prepare their expatriation project.

> How much does it cost to rent an apartment/house in Afghanistan? 

> How much do you pay for your public transport tickets (bus, subway, train, tram)?

> Staple food: what do people eat and how much do they pay for basic food like bread, rice, pasta?

>What is your monthly grocery budget?

> How much does it cost to see a physician/doctor/specialist in Afghanistan ? 

> What is your children's schooling monthly budget?

> How much does it cost to fill up your car’s fuel tank?

> How much do you pay for electricity/gas/water etc.?

> How much do you pay for your Internet/phone subscription?

> How much do you pay for your lunch pack on weekdays?

> How much do you pay for an espresso coffee?

> How much do you pay for a cinema ticket?

> How much does a gym membership cost in Afghanistan? 

Thank you everyone!


Rent of apartment starts from 150$ to 700$ or more. With 300$ you will rent very nice furnished 2 rooms apartment. Houses also starts from 350-400$ and goes to 15-20 thousand USD per month. A normal house with 4 rooms, one or two bathrooms, kitchen and nice garden is 1000$ per month in average. From 2014 prices on rent, property going down and down. That is related to withdrawing International troops from Afghanistan.
There is no Underground, tram, public bus in Kabul. Some minibus and cost cost around half US Dollars. Taxi is not so expensive. Food is cheap in compare with Central Asian countries. Like 2 kg rice may cost 1$. Fruits and vegetables are very nice and natural and not expensive. Like very good apple cost 1$ per kilo. Meat costs 6$ per kilo.
Rice is traditional food in Afghanistan. You can have a lunch with less 2$ in a ordinary restaurants in a town and with 20$ in foreign restaurants.
Local clinics not good at all but there are many foreign clinics and they are cheaper than in Europe and not cheap for afghan people. There are German, French, Australian and American clinics in Kabul.
There is no cinemas in Kabul.
Petrol and diesel prices is changeable and is between 0.60-1$ per liter. Government schools are free and private schools not expensive.
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Thanks Fozil.
The housing prices seem very expensive for a city like Kabul. But I understand that it is mostly because of the presence of foreign troops.

Yes, prices in Kabul is not fare. Facility is not good. There were big construction within last 3-4 years and prices are cheaper now. Up to end 2013 the prices were much higher. Starting from 2014 International troops were significantly reduced and therefore now the prices are better.
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