Hi, i would like to know will the EP rejected because of credit bureau report ? i am EP holder for 2yrs and apply for new job but my EP for new company get rejected, i have some debts on credit card, will it be the reason of rejection ?

When you said you have doubts on credit card, what does that means? You should know details of ur usage, if many times you don't pay credit card bills on time or not full payment your credit rating will substantially go down but that should not be the sole reason of your EP rejection. Did you default your minimum payment after bank send several reminders? Or did not pay bill at all which cause penalties in past etc,? Then chances could arise where MoM rejected your EP .. there could be other possibilities which we may not know. Good luck

If your credit card problems were within Singapore, it is possible that the bank pursued it and got "adverse records" into your file - and this can cause the rejection.
If your problem was elsewhere, it is very unlikely that the Singapore authorities know about it.

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