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I lived in PP around 2012 to 2014 and I had a band there called Jaworski 7 and we did the rounds in the expat bars there, sadly most of the places I used to play in are now closed like Memphis and Equinox. My indie, post-punk, shoegaze, new new wave band The Guerillas is planning to do a bar tour in the Kingdom. (Think The Killers, The Editors, Joy Division, The Sundays, Real Estate).  Any places where we can play in Siem Rep, PP, Kampot and Sihanoukville or even Ho Chi Minh? I need contacts. I don't know who is managing Sharky's now :(. Big Mike was both an inspiration and a friend.

Just to manage expectations, we are not a typical FIlipino band, we play mostly originals and some off kilter covers. We will be selling our EP in the tour.

We are actually going on vacation but it will be awesome if can get a bit of pocket money from bar gigs.

Akhon Charan!!

Good luck with the tour mate. I'm in can I get a copy of your EP?
Best wishes

Will send you some mp3s. Do you have an e-mail? We are still looking for a label with a digital platform. Meanwhile here are some of our old demos...Some of these songs will be in the EP.

Thanks for the interest mate.

Graham Cain is promoting live music and I expect would be happy to help. He recently formed classic rock band The G.C. Riders and play at Beach Road Hotel, Beer Garden (Sih. Square) and Chivas Club in Sihanoukville, and Sharky's and Sundance in PP.  His company Hats Off would arrange a tour for a cut :-)

All these places you can Google, also maybe ShowBox in PP, near S21 Tuol Slang:

Ocean's 11 on Beach Rd Snooky have live music in a smaller venue. The old Led Zephyr is now Jungle Queen and now do live bands. Maybe Retox at Victory Hill???

Thanks man. I do know the folks at Show Box and even Oscar of Oscar's bar. I will try to get in touch with your contact. Akhon Charan. Cheers buddy!

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