I need your help to make my visit of Malta as low cost as possible.

Hello everyone. thank you in advance for your kind replies. I am planning on visiting Malta soon (April) and me being a traveler in heart I was wondering if you could help me to answer a few questions? I am saving up for relocating to Malta so I'd like to spend as little as possible and soak in as much of Malta's flavour as possible. This is my mission anyway :).

1. Is it possible to camp with a small tent in Malta if I don't want accommodation and just want to merge with nature? Are there campsites or is it okay to camp on the beach?

2. Is it possible to rent a room cheaply from locals? How much they'd charge me? (Everyone needs a shower every now and then right?;).

3. What is the cheapest car rental company?

I am saving up for proper relocation. It will be my first visit in April!

Thank you veeeeeeeeery much!


Hi Peter and welcome to expat.com,

If you are looking to bring your own tent you could look at the website below. This is charged at a minimum of €15 per night based on a minimum of 2 people and also includes use of the shower.

To do any freecamping you would need to obtain a permit from local council.


In terms of car rental, there are many places to rent a car including maltacar.com which starts at €5 per day.

Hope this helps


Nice one thanks a lot!

Malta might not be the right place if you want to obey all rules  :lol:

You'll find a lot of campers with tents all over Malta (maybe not already in April, but later on).
In April you should also be lucky in finding rooms for 10-20 Euros per night via Air B&B (although maybe not in the center). If it's only for "now and then", entry fee to a swimming pool with shower facilities is even cheaper  ;)
Cheapest car rental company here imho is Goldcar, however small local rentals might be even cheaper (10-15 Euro per day) since they offer older cars.

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