Australia PR application agency

Anyone filed Australia PR from Singapore ? Any good agency list and what are the charges to complete the process .

Appreciate all inputs !

Your current location appears as Melbourne then why you need to apply your PR from Singapore? Secondly are u a resident of Singapore (means a Citizen, a PR or working here with a employment pass)? If not then tourists are not allowed to apply PR from here.

This is the only recognised consultancy who apply visa to Australia for Indians here. You may check if is there any possibility to explore. … _visa.html

We may have to move to Melbourne or Sydney . So looking for an option to file PR before moving there. My husband is holding EP in Singapore and I am holding DP. I am not sure with Singapore EP if he can file Australia PR from here.

Thanks !

Yes he can but there are few other things which you need to look into as after applied PR, you need to visit Australia for number of days to stay before consideration of your PR application. You can check vfs global or can apply online if his eligibility points exceeds the minimum level. Before reaching age of 40, he should apply or else will lose points.

Change your location from Melbourne to Singapore as it confuses your present location.

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