employer to apply Training employment pass, then apply me an S-pass

Hi Beppi and Surya2k

i have a situation, my employer want me for an Training employment pass, then apply me to S-pass afterwards. is this an effective way to secure a pass? because i know this is only 3 months validity for the training employment pass.

thanks in advance

Applying a training employment pass is a short term stay in SG to train on a professional career. Below link can help you more to understand about this pass and which institutions are approved under this plan.

http://www.mom.gov.sg/passes-and-permit … yment-pass

Getting S pass is subject to approval at MoM and depends on your educational career, job experience, salary etc. But, certainly this short term course will give additional weight to your application. Good luck.

yeah you are right about that, having this positive thought for it! because they laid out things to do for me to have a pass. having to apply for S-pass or E-pass afterwards.

thank you Surya2k for the information, especially even its short, it can make a difference for the actual pass application

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