Indonesian find job in Philippine

Any company hiring for indonesian people with experience 4 years bpo job in Philippine...

Hello Hendritan..
How is your stay in our country?
Feel free to update us regaridng your journey.

Are you planning to stay longer in Ph?
Please check this out, hope it helps also:

the problem with hiring you is the excess of the expenses to pay for your work permit and your G9 category visa, that they don't need that for locals, also the rate of payment (strating 12k pesos from Teleperformace - reaching 30K for rare Bpo companies) that won't be enough for you since you have more expenses as an expat.

If you have special talent, like in Workforce management , QA, six sigma, you may have a chance to get a higher rate and to hire you since there is a shortage on that manpower, else, it won't worth for you to move here

hi! i'm not sure if you already move here and found a job but i hope you do!
there are lots of bpo here that need employee who can speak bahasa Indonesia. you can just simply check at jobstreet or other websites. They might give you 9G or 47a2 visa. The minimum salary you can get is 45k up to 100k, that depends on the company and the account. on my previous company, they give my bahasa agents between 45-55k per month and for bahasa supervisor between 60-70k per month. my indonesian friend work in another company and earn 75k/month as an agent. my current salary, as an bahasa supervisor is almost 100k per month.

the basic salary is the same as other local employee, most of the time. but the advantage of you being a bilingual employee is, you have a language premium incentive.

i always encourage my colleagues in indonesia to never afraid to step out from the country, as i experienced it myself. i hope you'll enjoy your time in the Philippines! :)

hello hendri tan
you can found a new jobs
you can speak, listineng, writing , reading in chinese?
our company open recuitment in chinese

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