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Hi, I'm an entrepreneur from Vienna and looking to move my business to Singapore. It seems there are hundreds of incorporation service firms and it's hard to select one. Can anyone recommend a provider which isn't too costly and reliable?

Rikvin and Hawksford are the longest-standing providers with the best reputation. Most of the others aren't worth their (lower) fees.
But, as with all bureaucracy in Singapore, it all is easy to do yourself if you prefer to not pay any fee. Forums like this one give you lots of good advice, too.

Thanks beppi. I'll contact them and see what prices and services they can offer. I did some more research and also submitted a quote request on which apparently aggregates those providers. Will let you know how the setup process went for me once everything is done.

I had the same question as I had bad feedback about Rikvin or Hawskford (apparently not very transparent in their pricing).
It took me ages to look for the best companies, until I found a compararison platform that list and review all the services that i needed to create my company (i work as a freelancer) such as incorporation but also website, coworking space etc...
I used their recommendation tool and asked a quotes to the selection of companies that matches my profile. I still come back to it when I need new stuff (I needed a some marketing tips last month).

You may find comprehensive details of what you've been looking to this page https://www.corporateservicessingapore. … rporation/

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