Removal from Blacklist after overstaying for less than 8 months

2012 I got cancer and needed to leave us consulate gave me a letter of removal as i didnt have enough to pay the visa overstay costs.2016 I paid my fees and I'm up to date my girlfriend in the Philippines was given power of attorney to oversee the matter we gave them all the documents copy of my old passport copy of my new passport wrote a certified letter notarized by the consulate in the United States that I was trying to be removed from The Blacklist because I have fines due to over staying for less than that 8 month. My girlfriend was told that's all I needed to pay there were outstanding amounts no other fines. We did not hear back from the consulate 4 months went by and now she gets a phone call saying that there is another 50,000 p penalty that needs to be paid and then she has the paperwork in her hand and if I pay the 50,000p penalty fee then it may be possible to be removed from The Blacklist no definite I'm wondering if this is a fixer or if it's a real situation that I should pay attention to I don't feel that I owe the 50,000 but if that's the law or if that's what's required and possibly I'll get a fiancee visa and have her family come to the United States rather than spend the money on removing myself from The Blacklist in paying the 50,000 p anybody had this happen or anybody have a straight answer I'd be interested thank you tintrof.

Hi yes u will have to pay added fines , Usually it is the amount you owe and fines on top of it, the amount you owe was 50 k and added fines 50k. It get worst if you go more than a me i personally know ,paid 200k peso on fines for staying more than 2 years.  After paying u can proceed to removing the blacklisting. You can apply for removal right away , because u have only 8 months of overstaying. The removing of black listing is different process. If you do have time you will spend less than 10 to 50 k for removing a blacklist order but there is no certainty on it when it will be approved . U will need someone to constantly  go to bi main asking for the status. Initial start, is giving the bi request to remove the blo ( black list order) showing you have cleared dues and reason you want to come back to phil. You can get help of any bi affiliated  lawyer who are associated  with bi in manila. Dont waste ur time with lawyers from province  even tho they are associated  with immigration  law. They will constantly  need to go to bi which lawyer from province cannot do. U will lose money. If u are connected well u can find a decent lawyer who can do a favor and reduce the amount to remove blacklisting.but if u will go for lawyers associated  with immigration  in manila online or ur gf finding one there  u will spend about 300k to 500k peso. I think ur will be arround 300k ( that includes all expense of lawyer travelling there people in bi asking for the amount to speed up the process and other out of the pocket charges etc) . If u want my suggestion bring ur gf to states rather than going to philippines. Trust me i have done it faced it all. Dont be bitter or sad about it. It is just the way how it is. Unless u dont come in trouble with the law in Philippines . It is a heaven. If you come across it , it is thousand times harder. Bright side is u can just look away and bring ur gf there

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