Tarjeta de residencia de familiar de ciudadano de la Unión


I´m from the EU and my wife is from Inida. I want to apply for a family card for her, see link below:

http://extranjeros.empleo.gob.es/es/Inf … s/hoja103/

I´m a student in Madrid so I basically have to show economic means and also have health insurance.

Just wondering if anyone here has been through this process. Is it a long a complicated process or relatively straightforward?

Also can anyone recommend good family health insurance (husband, wife, one small toddler)?


Hello, I am now in the same situation. I came To Spain but my husband is a student now and I have applied for tarjeta comunitaria. We don’t hope that they will give me because of the economical reasons. How did you solve this problem? Were they really hard on your partner or did they resolve the case in your partner’s favor? I would be happy to get an answer. Thank you.

Hi there,

you will need to show a certain amount of money in your bank account in order to ensure his/her stay.
The amount it's regulated by IMPREM.

"Deberá demostrar que dispone de medios económicos suficientes y para ello se toma como referencia el 150% del IMPREM. Es decir, para unidades familiares que incluyan dos miembros (reagrupante y reagrupado) se exige una cantidad mensual del 150 % del IPREM, que este año 2020 asciende a 799 euros."

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