How to make friends in Sri Lanka

We have been talking about loneliness when you are abroad, let's now talk about how to make friends (locals and other expats) when you're living in Sri Lanka :top:

Which are your best tips to meet people and to make friends in Sri Lanka??

Thanks in advance for your participation

Well, I don't think you would have much problem with that since most people are friendly. Everywhere you go, you would see smiling faces:)

keep smiling face.

how are you?

Where do you live?

Where do you live?

Hola! Yeah keep smiling ! The ‘second best thing’ you could do with your lips! :)
Good luck and have fun!

you can try many deals online , at the same times its pretty easy to find a good apartment from weekend newspapers. after you settle somewhere then you may select better international school due to traffic n stuff that will be the ideal plan , in case if you need any help contact me over skype or mobile
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hi right now i am living in sri lanka and would love to make new friends. can anyone tell me how to make friends here. thanks

Hi Sally,

Hope u enjoying your time there. Actually I stayed in Sri Lnaks for 12 days in March and loved it. People are really open to friendship there although sometimes you could find them a bit intruding and too pushy, but mostly they have pure intention. I could better guide you if I knew where you are from, but generally speaking you would better try to melt in the society and try to commuicate with Sri Lankan themselves to be able to adapt more. Gyms, clubs, yoga classes and other public centers would put you in good chances to find them. my email is rkh5981[at],
let me know if you needed more ...

Hi Sally!

Welcome to SL & the Expat-Blog!



Sally5 :

hi right now i am living in sri lanka and would love to make new friends. can anyone tell me how to make friends here. thanks

Hi Sally!

I just got here yesterday and I am eager to meet people. I am staying at the hotel now, waiting for my appartment to be ready.
Where are you from?

Talk to you soon :)

Hope you are enjoying it. Where are you from? Sri Lankan are really open to communication and friendship but you need to be cautious a bit ...

Well one thing i am sure of SL people are very friendly i am also tocuhing down SL-Colombo by august end. so can we be friend......thanks Nitin

Hi I am William from UK .I would like to start my business in Sri lanka and i am looking for a friend to assist and help me to contact educational institutions in sri lanka.

Hi William,

You would be most welcome. Education industry is in fact flourishing in this country amongst few other industries, predominantly those of tutoring and training establishments affiliate to foreign institutions are thriving in particular



Making acquaintances in Sri Lanka is quite easy but it’s difficult to find real friends. You can meet hundreds of people within a month but you won’t be calling them friends? At least I won’t, Sri Lankans generally have a very cool and calm personality which makes you feel easy, no doubt about it.

You can meet people through networking, visiting clubs, social events, etc. It all depends what a friend really is in your dictionary. Acquaintances YES, very easy

Friends, I would say a bit difficult but you never when you might get lucky.

Thanks for  your valuable comments.I have been in srilanka 3 times.But it was 10 years ago.I knew that within this 10 years period Srilanka is changed a lot.In my experience i love srilankan people because they are lovable and the way they look after you Its incredible. Other thing is the food .i love sea food.
When you talk about business i am looking for some one who can assist me and travel with me in srilanka. Even if they are become my friends for their valuable time they will be paid.

Hi williams1957,

I would suggest you to post an advert in the jobs in Si Lanka section.

Just to remind, the title of this thread is "How to make friends in Sri Lanka"

Thank you.

Hi Sally5, I can be you friend!:)
Im Stay in both colombo and Galle and i'm bit free these days. do u like to spend some time in the down south beaches..?

! Hi Williams! i Will help you ! email me to h_jayasekera@


Hi Hirantha,

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Hello I like to be your friend. You can contact me about more details. My address is ***
See you.

Looking for good friends in Colombo

Sally I will love to meet you when I come to Sri Lanka this month,, will that be possible??

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