Lasik Eye Surgery

Hello Everyone,
I'm Cess, i work in KFSH&RC.
Please help me find the best hospital/clinic to get a LASIK EYE SURGERY here in Riyadh.
And tell me about your experience and the cost as well.
Thank you😊

hi cess
do you find a good doc for your lasik surgery



Yes! I’ve done it 5 mos ago in “EYE CONSULTANTS CLINIC”. That’s in Takhasusi St. across EuroMarche. My Dr. was Dr. Awad Al Qarni.
I really recommend him as he (by my experience) was so gentle and he explains every single thing he do. He made me feel so comfortable before, during and after the surgery.
It’s all worth all the “tolerable” pain and money.
For any questions just don’t hesitate to PM me, I’m happy to share my experience 😊

Hi everyone,I came across DR. All Qarni two years ago he done surgery for my mother, he was so gental and professional explain everything such as steps of the surgery and how to take care after.I saw a great results in my mama eyes. :top:

hi cess
thanks! how your eyes now
any pain?😅

may i know how much it cost



hi Marim4you

thank you!

hows you mothers eye now




Btw mine was LASEK not Lasik... same kind of laser but the only difference was just in Lasek they scrape the very surface layer of my cornea instead of making a flap which they do in Lasik.

Pain? I only experienced pain on the first 3 days post surgery but it’s really tolerable and they gave me a drops and tablets (pain reliever) to take every 6 hrs for 2 days. There’s also 2 kinds of drops they gave me, antibiotics and steroids.

The only thing that i complained about was the dryness. But that is ok as i have refresh (lubricant) that i use every time. Also used ointment to keep my eyes lubricated every night for 3 mos.

How much did it cost you po... And where did you do the surgery?can recommend your doctor to me and how can I contact them? Thank you

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