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I would like to ask for a few questions regarding the EP Application. Previously I'm holding an EP and now I'm holding social visit pass. Now a new employer is going to apply an EP for me.

1.) Previous employer applied my ep by using my degree completion letter as I haven't got my cert yet. But there comes a problem now, previous employer indicate my degree education is in INTI INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE but my actual certificate is University of Wollongong. ( I studied University of Wollongong's course in Inti College) will there be a problem when my new employer apply with my University of Wollongong cert? Will they be able to provide the completion letter at the same time?

2.) previous resume experience has some little difference with the current resume. Will I encounter any problem?

Thanks for your help. 😭

You should not have an issue and MoM would consider it as an updated information and will verify its authenticity prior to consider your EP approval. Good luck.

Hi Surya2k,

Thanks for your prompt response. Do i need to clarify and submit both my completion letter and cert while applying ep to avoid conflicting? Or MOM has a record on it?

As long as you didn't give wrong information in your first application, you will be fine.
It might be that MoM asks for clarification, in which case you just explain what you told us.

Hi beppi,

Will this cause mom rejected? Or MoM will call my new employer to clarify before approval?


Unless they think you knowingly supplied wrong information, they will ask the employer to clarify.

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