Singapore work pass without company sponsorship

I have a question.  can i request for work pass without sponsorship? And after having pass start to find a job?

Alifarmer wrote:

I have a question.  can i request for work pass without sponsorship? And after having pass start to find a job?

The answer to your question is: No, this is not possible!

These are the ways to get a Singapore work pass without having a job first:
- You earn at least S$18000/month before you come to Singapore (PEP)
- You invest S$2.5 million or more in the Singapore economy (GIP)
- You marry a Singaporean and apply for PR

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There is no way you can get a work permit without a sponsor in Singapore.

Beepi had given you some conditions where a foreigner can be considered or eligible to apply but no guarantees that you will get approval. First two cases are not applicable to someone who is looking for a job (both cases are for entrepreneurs). Secondly, the last point marrying a citizen then apply for PR, this preferential portion is mentioned on paper but in real thousands of foreigners who married Singaporeans are living here under Long term visa, their PR applications are cancelled repeatedly.

So, the conclusion is you must have a sponsor in order to apply working pass in Singapore. Good luck.

I don't know what kind of job  you will be looking for, but a blue collar or jobs required manual labors or less or no skill can be obtained with a working pass here as Singapore tends to hire people from outside to do these types of works. Currently, more than 1.1 millions (out of total population 5.6mils) are working in these Low skilled sectors which covers domestic helpers, construction workers, gardeners, Cleaners, waiters, security staffs, Wal Painters, repairing workers etc.

Note: To apply working pass and to get approval are two completely different things. Thousands of cases in each year appears that companies hired foreigners and applied working visas for them, they got repeatedly rejections despite of appeal.

Hi, I'm bachelors degree of accountancy n hv experience in accounting field more than 15 yr can I find a job in Singapore? I heard for Indonesia worker Singapore can't accept. Thx

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