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Hi all,

I am Eric from Ghana, currently, I am working in Qatar as HSE Officer. I have completed High School and I am also Holder of  NEBOSH IGC Certificate and other Safety Certificates . I have two years experience as Occupation Health,Safety and Environmental Officer.

Would it be easy for me to find job in Singapore with my Educational qualification and experience? Kindly advice.
Thank you in advance.

Adverts are not allowed on the open forums but you can place a free of charge advert in 'Jobs" at the top of this page.
You really need to give more details if you want to have any hope of your advert working for you.

To be a HSE officer here, you must have recognised degree or certificate which Ministry of Manpower (MoM) recognises .. working in Qatar who has shoddy history of safety (look at how many people were died in past two years alone working in various projects for their forthcoming Football WC) and your country of origin won't give any weight in this matter too.

Nevertheless, you can visit various job portals here such as jobsDB.com.sg or JobStreet.com.sg and check the openings related to your experience and apply. Wish you good luck.

Thank you SURYA2K for for the great information. I have checked and it seems Ministry of Manpower (MoM) recognizes NEBOSH IGC. As you said I will visit various job portals to check openings. Who knows, luck might find me.

Good to know that MoM recognises the university or institution from where you have degree certificate and moreover if they recognised the course which you have done then it's a positive case for you. Wish you all the best.

This is Sre Kishore R from India. I have completed my NEBOSH IGC, IOSH, OHSAS 18001 and some other safety related courses. i would like to ask you a particular doubt and i hope that you can clarify me to the fullest. Is NEBOSH IGC completed person can seek a job in Singapore?. I normally hear some deeming reasons that NEBSOH IGC is not applicable in Singapore from some of the persons. I dont know about that authenticity. Awaiting for your reply. Your reply would not only clarify me but also some of my HSE friends.

Thanking You

It's wrong information. NEBOSH diploma course on safety is well accepted and course is also offered in various institutions here. They recognise U.K. Certification, not sure about from India.

You may google it to find more details.

Good Afternoon Surya Sir,

First of all, I thank for your kind reply.I find many institutions in Singapore who offer NEBOSH, IOSH courses. If the scenario is what as you said like NEBOSH diploma courses is reconized in Singapore then i dont know people here wont even give that particular information.Sir,the certificate given for NEBOSH is given by UK head body irrespective of where you completed the course.I googled it but couldn't come to proper conclusion about the NEBOSH completed employees in SG.But I can see SH job portals of particular companies ask for NEBOSH completed persons for their job role.

Once again thanks for the reply sir.Not many people do that.

With Regards,
Sre Kishore

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