Real Estate Taxes in Mexico, Jalisco

I have gotten inconsistent information about real estate taxes.  I am told by Real Estate agents that they are paid annually and usually only $100 to $200USD a year.  Then I saw a condo for sale and it listed the property taxes $2500  USD a year .

Can I hear from anyone with experience about this?

If you are talking about the Lake Chapala area, property taxes (which of course vary with the assessed value of the property) would typically be under $300US/year.  Wondering if your quoted  $2500 figure is actually Pesos?

Thanks I wondered too if it was listed incorrectly and emailed  the agent. I didn't get a response.

In a Condo you may be paying the community fee

Micheal108 is correct. In the Lake Chapala area taxes are typically under $300 U.S. per year

Are there taxes paid up front at the time of purchase of a home?

Yes, the taxes are paid at the time of closing with the notary. Just make sure you have that additional 3-4% on top of the agreed upon price.

I am interested in a new condo in San Antonio near Ajijic.  Any advice

What do you need to know specifically? San Antonio is a great place to live, great location, etc.  It can be noisy depending on where you are but village life is noisy.


I was looking at a particular condo complex. Redes, in San Antonio.  I do not know anything about the builder or laws.  I just saw new condo with a mirador off the master bedroom and it was so nice.  That I have been thinking about it since last February.  I will go back for a second visit in August.

Las Redes is a great complex in the lower part of San Antonio.  My yoga teacher lives there along with her Canadian husband and they love it. I think there will be 33 or 34 units upon completion. Pool, small club house, etc are all there in this quiet gated community.

It would be good to be able to talk to someone who lives in the complex.

We'll hook you up with our yoga teacher so you can get first hand information about what it is like there.

Great. My email ***

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