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Hello Guys..
I am Bangladeshi. Now I am live in Kuala Lumpur. I am a Student. part time job are not available so much here.
But I am online froex trader. I have a XM forex broker account. Now Questions are..
1) is there a international student can do online forex trading ?
2) in Malaysia, online forex trading is legal or illegal ?
3) when I was in Bangladesh, I invest dollar in my forex account. so can I start trading ? is there any legal problem ?
4) I trade only euro/usd ,usd/jpy,euro/gbp,gbp/usd pair. so is there any problem?
5) I am a odex worker too. I have a odex account. so odex is legal or illegal here?
Please answer me as soon as possible. its important for me. thank you.

Dwip :

1) is there a international student can do online forex trading ?

There are students who trade as long as you are in the right age meaning 18 and above, know how to trade and as a student you should have to be careful about choosing the right broker.

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Forex was legal up until the financial crisis of 1997. After that the shops all  closed but that didnt stop people from later having online accounts and trading that way. Though not legal, still it persists.

Aside from the risks in Forex, there are many scams in Forex and it would be very hard to find an honest broker and honest online platform. Without a shop, a human being to be responsible for scams, if your money is stolen what are you going to do? Nothing.

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