adverse record in ICA

hello everyone.i appeal in ICA on 15 december 2016 for entry visa but still i does nt get rply from ICA.anyone know that how much its takes time to get rply from IcA

Since you mention ICA, I assume you applied for an SVP (tourist visa).
The process takes as long as ICA needs to review the case - and there is unfortunately nothing you can do to speed things up. You should call them and ask!

hello beppi..thnx for the beppi i cannot apply for svp untill i dnt get clearnce letter from ICA..i talk to singapore embassy in india.i talk to one of the good officer he asked my passport no.after that he rply me that i will nt get visa untill ICA not give u clearnce letter

I have replied you and you may check your mail box. Yes, unless until you don't clear the adverse news at ICA record the chances are less that ICA will approve your entry visa though I don't know what was your adverse case with ICA. Check with ICA and clear it asap. Good luck.

What did you do to get the "adverse record"?

thnx surya ..yes i read ..surya my adverse record is only that i travel frequently to singapore...i already explain to ICA thats y ica rply to my employer if u want me then give ducumntry proof of employemnt my boss again apply for my s pass on 15 december 2016 but again mom rejected due to my adverse record with we submitted as per ica request to my boss submitted dcmnts iCA on 15 december 2016..even ica officer in charge also take interview of my boss..but i read some commnts ICA take 6 to 8 weeks to give there any site to check ?

beppi i did nothing ..only my visited to singapore frequently only...ICA only asked my visiting on year 2015 i travelled 4 times

i apply for entry visa with forn14 A &v39i..i need only clearnce letter from ICA

You don't get banned for frequent visits alone - they must have suspected you doing something illegal, e.g. business or work without permit. This happens if you stay in Singapore for nearly as long as your visa permits, then exit and try to re-enter after a short while (less than the time you stayed in Singapore).
You applying for a work visa (S-Pass) shortly afterwards confirms their suspicions, of course.
There is no way to check the status of your request online. Only calling ICA could help. If they need 8 weeks for the process (which isn't over yet since 15.Dec.), you might want to wait a bit longer.

thnx beppi .but tmrw is going to finish also..yes beppi u r right due to my frequently visit to sg...but beppi even one time travel to sg also ica refused entry..

hi beppi and surya my employer went to IcA for enquiry about my entry visa application which we submitted on 15 december 2016..officer in charge take his interview and saying to him wait for 6 months then again apply for entry visa but one thing is that ICA never give any rejection letter to him that previous application is wat is mean to wait 6 it possible to get entry visa after 6 months ?

So it seems you are banned from entry until six months from now.
After that, the normal rules apply again and you may be able to get a visa.
The fact that your employer (I assume you mean the Singapore company that wants to employ you) inquires about the visit visa after their S-Pass application was rejected does certainly raise eyebrows (after all, you are not allowed to do any paid work on a visit visa!) and will not help to lift the ban. I recommend you only deal with ICA yourself and let the employer solely contact MoM.

thnx beppi..hope so everything will b alright after 6 months

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