Invitation American Embassy

How can i get invitation to the american embassy fun event ?

you must know somebody knows somebody else to put your details in the guest list names and i remember they charged me 250 SR for entrance ticket including 2 glasses of drinks   but that was long time ago I think now they change some rules. I just prefer compounds events and house parties regarding of time limitation at any embassies you'll end up by 11 pm or  maximum 12  am

Oh ok thatnks for letting me know
J already tried going to compounds
But i heard they do nive events and parties through a friend

You are always welcome. If there's any events coming soon I'll let you know. Index me your FB or Whatsapp

Kindly let us know if there is any party in American embassy.. It would be appreciated.

Yes please notify me as well for any events. Thanks.

Dear friend

Yes please notify me as well for any events. Thanks.

Can I send you my FB account or my whatsapp number so if there is any parties you let me know?

Dear all, if anyone have information for any events in US embassy, please let me know.
Thank you :)

First of all, it is a year old thread so the original posters might not be active anymore.

Secondly, let me give you guys a little bit of an update.

Since the last two months, some strange stuff has been happening. 

I used to go quite often to parties in the diplomatic quarter.  However, since the last two months, people going and coming back from parties are being routinely stopped by police and subjected to breathalyzer tests.  It is directed at Saudi's mostly and I have seen some really influential people stopped for this.    This never used to be the case.

Secondly, police has entered a lot of compounds on raids and shut down shisha places.  This includes really big western compounds e.g. Al-Hamra.   So the safety level in compounds is now debatable - again a big change from how things used to be.

So be careful.

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