V.O.A. on arival

Hi traveling to phenom phen in june 2017 ,from PerthAustralia have been told by flight center tourist agency that there have been warnings of people refused visa on arrival .They want $276 per person ( five of us) ,any body heard of any problems in getting through immigration with a voa . would appreciate any info as  a bit concerned

no way... Cambodia welcomes everyone.. Wild West of Asia!
But seriously, I have been every summer -- at times i do the online visa and others, I just get it when I arrive.
If your really that concerned, do the online visa
google "online visa, Cambodia"

FYI, I am from the U.S.

Thanks for the reply ,might have go at the visa online ,any recommendations for reasonable good hotels .So many online cant really tell if they any good or not

just re-read ur post. I am actually gonna be there by end of june as well!. How long your going for?
Velkommen Inn- street 144 --close to the riverside
Rory's Pub is ok as well
If you tell me what your looking for, I can give you better info. You can also email me here as well

Hi again , 5 of us going on june 3rd (wife ,me her sister and 2 grandkids who are only gong for 12 days ) wife and I staying until  july 3rd .will be looking at having look around ,but when we travel we play it by ear so always open to suggestions.Always  like to check places out then plan strategy for future long term visits away from home in winter months

Hi! I had been in [link moderated] and stayed there for a year and 6 months. V.O.A is readily available on then major airports and border crossings.  There should be no worries on that. SEA is such a welcoming region.

Stay in the Velkommen Guesthouse/Backpacker (either of the two) as these are clean, comfortable, and very affordable, so I would highly agree with ruvanes. Velkommen is the best!

You might also want to check [link moderated] to help you out in choosing the best accommodation you would like to in case you will do not find Velkommen a great hotel for you.

Wow. Didn't realize your going with Grandkids.  It's a family affair?  There are kid-friendly hotels that you can probably find. That might be better.

No problems the sister in laws grand kids are 15 and 19 and they are going home before us ,

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