Police Entry of residance

I was reading a now closed topic that got into a discussion as to whether or not Police need a warrant to enter a residence.

Several months ago the Police were banging on the door of the house that we rent demanding entry and stating that they were in hot pursuit of a gang that was running across the row house roofs. The Police banged on the doors of all of the houses on our block as the hunt progressed.

We compiled and also unlocked the roof access as the police ordered. After a dozen or so cops ran up and down our stairs a few times during a time frame of a few hours, the police rather strongly suggested that we keep the unoccupied rooms in the house locked. End of incident.

Now, I don't know about the legal need for a warrant to enter your house in Viet Nam. I do know that police in "hot pursuit" have almost unlimited rights of entry in any jurisdiction that I know about.

No idea, but I'd encourage them on and make them a cup of tea in the hope they hung around.

These Cops were running up and down several flights of stairs many times in various houses and in general busting butt. No time for tea.

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