Foreigner(visitors) Muslim Marriage in Malaysia


           It doesn't make sense that one has to leave his wife soon after marriage for 6 months and after 6 months they can apply LTSVP. One of my friends got married with Malaysian and applied his long term social visit pass less than 2 months after his marriage date. I appreciate your information Gravitas but I think this information is needed to be verified.

Rules keep on changing with the rise in marriages of convenience. Hence the latest rules which can be found on the FB group mentioned earlier.

hello everybody i want help if is possible can helo me tell me whats necessary document i need for getting married in malaysia ? thank you 😊

1. Valid visit pass, professional pass or student pass.
2. Single status, unmarried or no impediment letter from your home country.
3. ICL (Immigration clearance letter)
4. Consent of Wali (parents). If not available then get orders from shariyah court.
5. Pre marriage course certificate (For Malaysian).
     These are the basic required documents to get married in Malaysia for Muslims.

how to get ICL (Immigration clearance letter) ??

You and your future partner should go to nearest immigration office and ask for this letter. You will get in the same day. There is noble fee for this letter. Following documents are required to get this letter.

1. 2 passport sized pictures with blue background. Yours and your future partner.
2. IC Copy of your future partner.
3. Copy of your passport.
4. Copy of your visa page and entery stamp page.

     The purpose of this letter is that immigration will certify that your stay in Malaysia is legal

even we re through visa visiter??

KINDLY read carefully. I already told you in requirements list.

1. Valid visit pass, professional pass or student pass.

i say to them that im going get married so i need this letter right ? sorry to bother you 😬

Yes you are right & most welcome. You can ask anything whenever you need to

thank you so much for help really nice from you 😊

Anytime.  :)

Aslam o alikum .How you married in malaysia ? we are Pakistani citizen (muslims) living in newzealand and wants to get married in malaysia especially Kulala Lumpur. We will also be accompanied by our parents. Therefore want to know, whats the procedure behind it as I found it very complicated on different forums and internet. Could u please guide me ? As both of us will be on tourist visa

Hi I’m non local working in KL and want to get married to a non local both of us are Muslim what is the procedure ?

hello i wanna some help im in malaysia now and i want to get married my fiance but they told me in national moque i cant what should i have to do ??

There are some restrictions if holding a foreign worker employment pass - at least in Selangor. Check with your Embassy as they will be involved anyway in the Single Certificate process.

Can I get your contact number ?

I need some help on getting married in malaysia. Can u plz provide me with your contact number ?

Can u please share ur contact ..need help with marrying in malaysia. We both are foreign nationals.

Hi there,

Planning to get married here in KL. We are both Muslims although different nationalities.
Wanted to ask:

1. Is the marriage documentation and procedure different for foreign Muslims and foreign non-Muslims?

2. Is it mandatory to have Birth Certificate for foreign Muslims to get married OR
the Single status Certificate and Immigration clearance will be enough?

I  ll appreciate ant help and guidance.


where you guys are from?

Amani i need your whatsapp or skype bc i need your help in getting married in malaysia

hello  dear i want ask you if is possible i already get married in malaysia and i  have my certificate marriage but i dont live there i live in turkey is it possible i apply  for spouse visa through America embassy in  Malaysia or  better i apply for visa in turkey where i live in ?

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