working on relocating to singapore

Hallo guyz .am sarah from kenya 32yrs old and am working on relocating to singapore.any ideas a good place to stay?kindly any help wil be highly appreciated evn somebody i can cost share with rent.Thanks in advance for whoever who would be helpful.

Any advice on any jobs?i can do sales and marketing that am currently doing but am open to any jobs guyz.

You had asked same question to me using private mail and I have already replied you stating that check various threads in this forum we had plenty of discussion and information on this.

You can only get a job through an employer ( a Singapore based company), who can apply working visa for you. Without working visa, you are not allowed to work here.

You can't rent a house in Singapore as a visitor, you have to stay in hotel or a hostel. Singapore is one of the costliest city in the world and you must have enough fund to come here and search for a job. And if you don't have a recognised degree (must be recognised by Ministry of Manpower ("MoM")) or else it's highly difficult for you to get a job here.

Good luck.

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