What its like getting a job in Malta?

Good day,

Are there any South Africans that have moved to Malta?  I would be happy to get in contact.  I would like to know what the job opportunity is like over there?  My husband is in the architectural industry doing visual perspectives, he is an EU national and he is married to a Maltese citizen.  What documents would he need?  He has a working permit for Malta but not sure how long it is valid for.

Information regarding this would be much appreciated.

If you're a EU citizen you dont need visas you have free movement.  The process for EU citizens is discussed here repeatedly on a monthly basis, just use the search box.  There are even stickies, on a thread that is currently getting replies.

I don't quite get it.. are you Maltese? Because you say your husband is married to a Maltese citizen. Is your husband an EU national? Then he doesn't need a work permit. You might find more info on the ETC Malta website. Or, as suggested above, search on the forum here.

I am confused as well, you say in your profile you are a South African Citizen but you say your husband ,who is EU, is married to a Maltese citizen. Does that mean you have dual citizenship or does he have more than one wife? :/


Yes, he is an EU citizen.  I was just wondering that if he gets a job in Malta would he require anything else.  I will definitely look at the forum thank you.

Yes I am Maltese, he is married to me and he is an EU citizen.  Thank you for your advice.

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