certificate of no impediment to marry

Hi there,I just wanted to know,if you can help me.where I can get in hungary ,a certificate of no impediment to marry.and how long it takes this to get it up there?thanks

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I created a new topic as from your post on the Hungary forum. Maybe you can give us more details

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As an American citizen, I got mine at the US Embassy - I had to go to their website, make an appointment, follow their procedures and pay $50.  BUT BEWARE - mine was only good for 6 months.  I didn't plan on getting married for another year, but wanted to get the papers in order ASAP.  They didn't tell me til after I paid that I only had 6 months, so I had a rush wedding.

Just a note on this a twist which might be an alternative.   

Mrs Fluffy and I were each married before and we just took our divorce certificates along to the registry office (in the UK).

We did not need certificates of no impediment. 

So the same procedure could possibly apply in HU that if you were married before, then official divorce certificates are equally acceptable in lieu of certificates of no impediment. 

This presumes recognition of  paperwork from other countries.  Naturally, YMMV.

Yes, if I remember properly, my son went to the US embassy in Budapest.
His wife was a Hungarian citizen , not sure where she went to get her papers.
My son is also a HUngarian citizen but was coming in from living in the US.
He is now divorced from his HU wife.
Just sent me all of his divorce decree papers , wants us to fix it so he is not registered any longer in HUngary as being married to his ex.
I think he could of done this on his own with the HU embassy in the US since he is now back in the states as well.
Guess that's what parents are for, always cleaning up after their kids mistakes.
I'll look into this soon and report how it goes here after one is divorced after getting married in Hungary.

Hey, so I am in this situation, trying to marry my fiance who is Hungarian. I am American. I am currently living in America and my fiance is currently living in Hungary. I would like to visit Hungary next month to marry him, but I know documents are needed in order for this action to take place. I am coming to you for help on what I will need and where I can obtain certain documents, also what the steps are, thank you.

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