Can I go back easily to Singapore by showing IPA letter ?

Actually I work in Singapore for one year.After that I got the new job in Singapore and I moved out from Singapore to Malaysia by waiting IPA letter from Singapore MOM. I got IPA letter also. But the thing is I become overstayed in Malaysia. I surrendered to the Immigration office and paid the fine and requested to get special pass.I got special pass from Malaysia and can move out from Malaysia. But I want to know that's can I go back easily to Singapore by showing IPA letter. I worry that I become overstayed in Malaysia. Please answer to me.Thanks a lot

It will not have any impact at immigration checkpoint in Singapore as you didn't overstay in Singapore. And, after getting IPA letter then you should not have an issue at Singapore immigration check point. Good luck.

Note: your thread subject is very confusing and secondly your query should be in Singapore forum not in Malaysia forum as its related to Singapore immigration.

Ain't an issue travel safe!

Hi! Were you able to enter singapore showing your IPA without any issue?

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