Singapore standard of living and safe for Female if alone.

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Recently I got offer for job in Singapore by reference of Indian people. Salary will paid 2400$(Singapore Dollars) and sharing free in duty hour.i don't know living of standard of Singapore,how much costly all things over their I can survive in this salary or not??!! And the person who provide me job their Fees is 4000$ deduction from salary in installment.

Pls reply...
Rina Sindhav

Hi Rina, congrats to get a job offer from a Singapore employer. I would like to inform you that your employer is offering the minimum pay cap as per Singapore standard, which by right difficult to save anything at end of the month. But, as you said the employer also will be providing free accommodation and food on your duty time then I'm very much sure that if you live a very basic life then you may able to save more than $1000 per month (some extent $1500 in a month). As you are going to pay agency fee of $4000 in installments then at least 4 months you may save very little like $500 or less. Good luck.

Thank you Sir,

after your reply I think that it's too less Salary. In Singapore any rules of employer that they also paid us to local expenses.

Like I lives Tanzania as per here employer have to pay net income (savings) + other local expenses

You should read your offer letter and find out what has written on it. Here, normally employer provides a basic gross salary (before tax). And only in lower scale jobs, where these employers provides accommodation and food (like in your case). Or else here employer does not provide accommodation for any employees except senior management people (e.g. CEO, CFO or CRO etc who can claim their rents as per the agreement). So, it's your call to consider whether to accept or not. Singapore is one of the TOP 4 Financial hubs in the world (other 3 are London, NY and HK). So, it's one of the costliest city in the world. And house rent is very high (a 2bed room govt owned flats can cost you around $2000, or any single common room could cost $600 or more, private flats (condo) can fetch $3000 or more) but this part is covered by your offer letter and food on duty, which is why I said you may save $1500 max in a month if you live a very basic life. Or else if both accommodation and food you have to pay from your pocket then hardly you could able to save from a$2400 monthly salary. Good luck.

Ok Sir,

Thanking you for whole... deeply explanation..

Rina Sindhav

S42400/month is the salary level for manual labourers or technicians with little work experience.
I see from another post of yours that you have a Master of Commerce, an MBA and 4.5 years applicable experience. With that you should earn at least double of what you are offered - or else you will not get a work visa (EP in your case).
Furthermore, abent and visa fees must be paid by the employer, under Singapore law.
Thus I think this is NOT a good deal for you (jobs through agents usually aren't!) and you should reject it. It is better to contact potential Singapore employers in your field of expertise directly.

Thank you Sir for clear answer.

I can understand that salary is offered to me minimum level,I cant survive in Singapore. work visa also provides by employer.

I will come there alone..that's way i share my doubts. Because in so many cases agents are fraud so I m also little bit tense,

How to conform from our side that agent is not fraud.and what is the whole legel process to come there.

How can I will get job directly in Singapore through employer?

Rina Sindhav

You can ask the agent for contact details of the employer, because you want to talk to them directly. Cheaters won't give it to you (because there is no employer).
Also, if the agent tries to charge you for the visa application, they are certainly cheats: Only the employer in Singapore can apply for your visa and must pay all fees (They are low!) themselves, by law.

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