Orphanages in Colombia, Peru, Ecuador

Hi there,
I have tried to find out some information about local orphanages in Colombia, Peru and Ecuador.
The only information I massively found out was about volunteering which I am not considering. Could you please provide me some answers why there is no information regarding the local orphanages, how they operate and maybe why they are not accessible on the internet,  in Spanish as well? Thank you so much.

Your premise that there is no information is mistaken.  In under 10 seconds I was able to find a wealth of information about orphanages in Colombia, Ecuador and Perú.

Doing a simple internet search for "colombia orfanatos" I get over 400,000 hits.  Many of the hits are for home pages of orphanages and lists of orphanages as well as videos and newspaper and blog articles.

I repeated the search for Perú and Ecuador and also got hundreds of thousands of hits for each country.

Thank you for your response. Google shows 402,000 pages but if you try to obtain concrete information it massively misses information about public orphanages. I don't know but I think there should be public, not just private orphanages in Colombia.  Peru and Ecuador as well.

Perhaps you could be more specific about the information you're looking for.

Most orphanages are going to be private just as in the US where public and semi-public orphanages used to exist, but now most orphans are instead placed in foster homes.  Private orphanages still exist but their numbers have declined.

In Colombia most orphanages are private.  Most children who may never spend any time in an orphanage are babies given up for adoption.  The government administrative and coordinating office for children who are placed up for adoption is the Instituto Colombiano de Bienestar Familiar:


Thank you so much for your detailed response. I suppose it would be a similar situation in Ecuador and Peru as well?

I only know what I've been able to find out via internet searches, and time spent in Colombia and Ecuador which time was not at all oriented to orphans and orphanages - in other words I don't know much.

To find out more I'd contact orphanages you can find doing the searches I suggested, and the Colombian institute, and talk to them directly via email, internet chat and/or telephone.  And then "boots on the ground" physically visiting and talking would also be valuable to give you the true information, whatever it is you're looking for, which you still haven't told us.