emigrating to Madagascar from USA

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I am considering emigrating to Madagascar from USA in a year & would appreciate any assistance (things to expect, what to avoid) during this process.


Visa long stay
start with this
http://www.mid.gov.mg/visa-description/ … ng-sejour/

To add some details to TropicAlex's response:

If you show up with no forethought, you can get a tourist visa that's only valid for 30 days. Then you have to leave as you cannot renew it here. But it may be enough for you to scout around to see if Madagascar is a good fit for you.

If you intend to stay longer, you should contact the Malagasy embassy before your departure to get an extendable visa. That way you can start the arduous journey towards residency.

As I recall, the first resident visa here is good for a year, then renew for two years, then for five years, then for ten years, then definitive.

As they say, Bon Courage!

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