Speaking Arabic in Egypt

Hi everyone,

It is widely agreed that speaking Arabic is essential for a successful integration in Egypt. Do you agree? Share your experience!

Do you speak Arabic? If so, where did you learn this language? Where can one attend a language course in Egypt?

If not, how do you cope with daily activities? Is it easy to communicate in a different language with Egyptians?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


I speak little Arabic.  I didn't go to any school here I only understand frm people around me. But there is Arabic school here if someone is interesting

speaking Arabic as its my 1st language also speak English and so interest to learn Spanish by exchange languages ,have ability to learn quickly   :)

Speaking Arabic will help you a lot but not speaking Arabic will make your life a living hell  though you may find people who speaks English if can't speak Arabic you can't protect yourself much better from fraud and other bad things

Although my spoken Arabic is pitiful (and that's being generous), I understand about 75% of what I hear. My husband can't get away with anything any more!

No, I can't speak Arabic.

I Can speak Arabic as well as English fluently also willing to teach those who are interested i am of African decent but born in Arab countries

I am learning to speak Arabic now. I have gotten passed the basics. I have 2 tutor and they are now teaching me the grammar in arabic. I am find it hard to speak it. But I am try really hard, even it I make mistakes and look stupid. I have been hear 5 month now. But I have no one to practice with so I speak to anyone. But most Egyptians have another way of speaking. While I am speak correct grammar like in the Quran. Anyway I will keep learning and talking. Until it click with me, if u have anyway advice please message it. Thank in advance for all your help. Take care.

you can communicate in English with many Egyptian
if you want to learn arabic and your english is good
it's easy from the internet or in cairo you can just go to American University in Cairo
they hold courses in arabic for english speakers
or you can find friend speaks english well and teach you online

Hello Priscilla,

Hope you have  a great day.

There is a very professional program specialized in Arabic language such like; tell me more " Arabic Language", you can download this program otherwise I can give you handouts, and electronic programs

Best Regards,
Ahmad Hamza

I'm not a proffessional teacher but i help some of my friends to speak Arabic
It's for free if anyone wants any help

Dear Priscilla,

I'm doing volunteer work in Upper Egypt. I've been here for 5 months and have 7 to go. Learning Arabic has been difficult for me.  My job is to read and write in English, and I'm an English instructor. So everyone here wants to speak to me in English! 

The other difficulty is that the town I'm in is remote and most people here are illiterate or semi-literate and speak a specific dialect in a specific accent with lots of idioms and slang that are not in a textbook.

Finally, I'm a bit culture-shocked and not inclined to work at it when I have the opportunity. It's easier to watch an English movie on Netflix or read a book in English rather than slog through a short sentence in a book or read advertisements in Arabic.

Nevertheless, I'm learning the Egyptian dialect from two books, "Kullu Tamman" and "Kallimni 'Arabi Bishweesh", both published by the University of Cairo Press and available at the Aboudi Bookstore for about 280-300 pounds each in Luxor.  I also download a lot of short books and aids via amazon.com.

The most fun I have is with the people. Children are the best language teachers. They are easily amused by my inability to sing a simple song, and are willing to teach a phrase over and over and over again until I get it...or don't.

Of course, my main help with grammar and overall skills has been the Rosetta Stone programs, although the lessons are all in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), which is good for learning how to read the newspaper and cooking recipes! I can go at my own pace and the lessons are well-organized and extremely appropriate for everyday life if you live in Cairo or Beirut or Riyadh and hang out with well-educated people.

I hope this helps.


arabic is a beautiful language. anyone wants to practice arabic, I may be able to help.
feel free to message me

I want to learn to speak fussat Arabic fluently.

Please any female available in Cairo willing to help me for free would be very greatful.

Thanks in Advance.

I would encourage you to learn Arabic with a private tutor it will ease your life and make you benifet your stay in Egypt or any other Arabian country.  If you wish I can help you

My Arabic not good but passable but not to fight just to get what I need but can not afford to pay 400 an hour to learn Arabic teach myself    But I love Egypt

Hi there :

I read your comments & i am willing to help you i know Egyptian Accent very well also i know "Fosha" or Classical Arabic you just tell me wish one you like or interested in.

My Name Is : Umar

My Mobile Number : ***
Please Fell free to contact me anytime

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There is a center called kalimat in mohandessin. I hear it's good

Hello, Speaking Arabic is not mandatory to live in Egypt, people will always get you and by time you will get main Arabic words that you need daily.

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