How to make friends in Angola

Welcome to Luanda!

My husband is a basketball player out here too, so i know some of the players in your team.  They should be able to show you around and mention some good place to visit and hang out. They good guys!

Good luck! perhaps i see you around at the games.

Ahhh ok cool. I've been to the beach a couple of times. What team do your husband play for?

Yeah the beach is nice, although the weather has been acting a fool lately .. at the moment he is with Aza.

elisaperezbalcon :

Hola! Espero que tengas suerte y puedas hacer amigos en Luanda. Yo planeo vivir en Angooa en 2016; ahora estoy en Uruguay, así que tengo un año entero por delante para hacer amigos por este medio. :-)

I think we need to write in English over here.. just in case . . .

Hi Elisaperesbalcon,
I will be arriving at Luanda most probably in March, I am originally from Buenos Aires, but now coming from living a few years in Fiji islands, at this time in Barcelona until new destination, Luanda.
Hola Elisaperezbalcon,
Tambien estoy llegando a Luanda calculo que sera marzo, originalmente de Buenos Aires, pero llegando de vivir en las islas Fidji, en estos momentos en Barcelona hasta salir para Luanda.

Lord_Edu :

I think we need to write in English over here.. just in case . . .

That is true, but Spanish is encouraged here

hello everyone.
how to make friends in Angola?
its so friendly with them
give your smile ,and be respectful, you will receive the same can visit this site, badoo and hitwe can meet people nearby....goodluck and my best regards to each and everyone


Oh man... A lot of people say that Angola has a lot of foreigners but so far I've been in contact only with Brazilians and Portugueses (I know they are majority here haha).... So I was wondering where can I meet other expats, is there a kind of community? Which are the places they usually go to?
Btw I'm from Mexico, 28 yrs old and I've been here for around 3 weeks now, and I'm struggling a bit.

Hello this is mr.Vignesh from India I,m looking to establish drilling business in Angola you have any idea about how to get business visa to Angola

Hello Baixinha.

Are you back in Angola, how far with what you had wanted to meet and find? If unsure then perhaps we should meet over lunch soon.

Bro w r you from

I'm Angolan  but usually the places where you can find foreigners is in the restaurants and bars of Ilha de luanda and Talatona

Hi urtiga,
I am also new to Angola.  Can I get your cellphone number?

Hello Baisinha,

Hope you are in Luanda and settled with a new friend.  If you still want to have a friend, please share your email we will discuss.


Oi, Bom Dia, Boa Tarde!!!

My name's Mario. I'm a Canadian/ Red Seal Certified Journeyman Pipefitter and I am looking to go to Angola for employment in their Oil & Gas Industry. If any of you have any information regarding jobs, I would appreciate if you could share it with me.  Eu ainda vivo no Canada e só estou tentado de achar emprego em Angola. Eu falo Inglês, Português e tambem Espanhol.

Muito Obrigado pela sua ajuda.

Mario D. Muranda, RSE
Journeyman Pipefitter (CAN)

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I love to make friend please send your contact no in my inbox

Nothing happen without a reason . searching friend online may be costlier than expected in Angola . To say frankly expats are always a money making machine for them & they have such a brilliant ideas to drag money out from your pocket which you can never ever assume . I have experienced this .
If your loneliness being a catalyst to make friends, visit some well crowded beaches/Restaurants/resorts or some Disco one , you will get plenty of people have same issue . That works here . We should not expect much more in the third word country . Best ideas is lets make a common platform for this to celebrate on weekend .

Hi,am Linda here's my contact ***

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