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Dear all,

I have gone through a number of posts and seen some topics on S-Pass application. Hence, I would like to seek everyone's help to advise on my case as below:

I was a job seeker that was looking for jobs in Singapore. In November, I contacted a Vietnamese agent for introducing jobs in Singapore. I did have an interview with the employer's representatives. After that, I received the notice of recruitment from the employer along with the employment letter. As per the agreement with the local agent, I paid them an amount of money so that they would help collect the documents and follow up with the employer for application of S-Pass.

They informed me that the application was submitted at the beginning of December. However, until now, I have not got any response from them on the result and they told me that the company would inform them once the result is available. I did contact the employer but they said the status is still pending till now. I also received request from them to submit some additional documents to prove my financial situation such as bank account balance.

It has almost been two months since the date of application. I am really worried about the status and whether there is any trick here. Could you please help take a look at my case and advise what I should do? Why does the application process take so long as I think it should take around 1-2 weeks.

Thank you very much and I do look forward to your advice soon.

You also sent the same to me as PM, which I unfortunately replied to before seeing this.
PLEASE don't double-post or -send!
And unless the issue contains confidential information, it is preferable to post it on the forum (and ONLY there!), so other readers can also profit from it.

Now I have to post here again what I replied to you by PM:

The processing time of work visa is getting longer and longer: Two or even three months are common now.
But to check whether they applied at all: Ask the employer (or the agent, if you must) for your FIN number and with that you can check the status on MoM's online system (which nobody can trick). A FIN number is issued for each applicant about a week after the application is submitted, so if they claim to have none, they are cheats.
I hope you didn't pay too much to the agent: According to Singapore law, the employer has to pay all fees (als agent's) related to work visa applications!

Hi Beppi,

I noted that. Thank you very much for your advice.

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